Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rainy Thursday

(This post might be full of posting from my mother-in-laws ipad) Today I woke up at six thirty to drive down to Colorado Springs with the hubs because he had to go down there for work. I didn't really wanna drive down there with him so early but he asked me to and I know its much more fun to take a long drive that early in the morning with someone. He also bribed me with a venti pikes place from Starbucks so I was there! We took Baxter and I brought and book since Bret was in some business meeting trying to get the zoning changed for one of their properties. It takes a little over an hour to get down there. Then we drove to the airport to pick up my brother Jeff. It usually takes about 30 min to get there from our place. Today it took two freaking hours!!! They were doing road construction and the highway went down to one lane. Shoot me now. Not only have I been in a car for five hours today but I totally got car sick while we were driving home...and then it started hailing and we were in Bret's mom's new car so Bret got all stressed out. Luckily it was okay. Oh well...just one of those cold crappy days. Good news is that I have the radio on and "breezing'" by George Benson just came on. I'm a loser but the hubs and I Both like this song...thanks to my mom. It came out in 1976- ha! Anyway it should be fun having Jeff out here. We don't really have plans other than he is testing for a fire dept on Saturday and I know the boys are gonna play golf at some point. I want a cheeseburger this weekend too. Maybe for Sunday Funday? I've been craving one all week. Alright now my mouth is watering...I think I'm hungry.


  1. OMG I have been craving a cheeseburger all happened after reading this post

    I don't think I can wait until the weekend though!

  2. Nothing sounds better than Breezin!!!!! Puts me in a great mood everytime I hear it!xxx ooo Mom