Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's Feeling Like Summer

  • It's our first day of HOT weather- I hate the heat- here's to hoping Summer won't be too hot! But I am looking forward to sitting outside and relaxing. It stays light out here sooooo late compared to CA. 
  • Memorial Day weekend was fun. On Saturday we marinated Skirt Steak and made tacos with it. Yum! I love Bret's guacamole. Sunday we tried out a new church, the pastor was good and the congregation was mostly made up of people our age which was a nice change from the church we've been going to. We saw a movie that night. Yesterday we ran errands, Bret bought me some golf clothes and then we went golfing with his parents. We just played 9 holes and I don't think I even completed an entire whole but it was fun! 

  • We saw Water For Elephants. It was good! I had read the book so I knew what was coming but it done well and I thought Robert Pattinson did a good job. 

  • I'm totally pissed about American Idol. I think Scotty is great but not exciting to watch. I would have rather seen an all girl, Lauren vs. Haley final. I SO wish Lauren had won. It's time for a girl to win... plus I just like her voice. Also, I thought her song to be released was beautiful and I liked it way better than Scotty's. 

  • I'm totally getting a sore throat... yuck. 

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  1. It rained here today :( I wish summer would come to CA!! Miss you xoxo