Saturday, September 11, 2010

Not Loving My Hair....

I'm totally in a hair I can't stand my hair at all right now but I don't know what to do with it. Let's start from the begining. I have nasty curly hair that looks way darker when it's curly:

Picture 6

I never wear it curly unless it's raining or I'm in a foreign country-seriously...that picture is from Mexico. 

I've had it shorter: 
Picture 10

I've had it blonder:
Picture 12

I've had it darker (nobody liked it though, nobody being my mom and Bret):
Picture 11

I've had bangs:
Picture 13

So it was REALLY long for my wedding. I needed the length for the day of the wedding and for the honeymoon. If I was going to wear it curly in Fiji I needed length to weigh it down. This was taken at the rehearsal:
Picture 20

And after the wedding I chopped it off because I was sick of it:
Picture 17

But now I'm totally missing the longer's growing fast but it's such a security blanket for me. Like if I'm having a fat or ugly day I can always throw sunglasses on and use my big hair to hide my face.... I'm just bored with it but think I might not like it no matter what I do with it.... any suggestions???


  1. Court- It's Karissa, and your mom. We vote that you keep the length you have now, but add bangs! You look great with bangs and with a more natural hair color. Less maintenence with hair color is the best. I am trying to find a happy medium with that without being so blonde. Keep it how it is and when you have ugly, fat days you have bangs in your face... thats what I do!!!!

  2. I LOVE your hair in the first picture (short). Do it like that again! :)