Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lots of Stuff Goin' On

I'm ready to blog again... here are 2 quick updates:

1. We're Pregnant!! This is how I announced it on facebook:

Our family is growing by 2 feet! Baby Berglund is due 3.2.2012!

After two years of trying (one yr with a dr.), 4 rounds of clomid etc. I got pregnant on an "off" month where we weren't really even trying. I was in the middle of more blood work and tests with our doctor so I wasn't on any medication at all. The only thing I did differently was start drinking tons of apple cider vinegar and taking Myo-Inositol (an herbal supplement). I'm 15 weeks today and getting a bump!

2. Our house is on the market! We're finally done with construction...praise the Lord! Here's a link to the house. If anyone wants to live in Bonnie Brae- come buy our home! Keeping the floors perfect for showings is getting old and it's only been a week- ha! Before and after pictures are coming.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Summer Time Fun

1. Tried these for the first time today... OMG YUM! Trying not to eat too many.

2. I'm getting caught up on TV Stuff. I stopped watching The real Housewives of Orange County for a few seasons but got back into it this season... omg... they are craaaaazy. I like that Heather is on the show... she may be stuffy but a tleast she speaks the truth more than the other girls! PLUS, Alexis is a crazy delusional person...I'm so over her!

3. I need a pair of really light gray peep toe pumps... preferably suede, for a wedding. They do not exist right now... if anyone spots them somewhere call me or email me- thanks! Otherwise, I'm wearing a different dress :(

4. I'm kinda obsessed with La Croix sparkling water right now. So refreshing and thirst quenching when I want a soda. I'm really trying not to drink/eat aspartame right now so this is working for me. Grapefruit, lime and berry are my favorites. The flavors are VERY subtle. The coconut one is good with a piece of pineapple in it! It would be the perfect mixer in a cocktail. 

Monday, July 2, 2012

Western Conservative Summit 2012

This past week end Bret and I attended the 2012 Western Conservative Summit. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera :( My favorite speakers were Star Parker, Dick Morris, Hugh Hewitt and Glenn Beck. I often think Glenn Beck gets too emotional on TV, but he did seem very genuine in-person. Star Parker was so encouraging- her story is amazing and Dick Morris was VERY optimistic- I like listening to him is delivery is great and honest.

We also watched some video clips from one was my favorite.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

First Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Project

One word: OBSESSED

I'm in love with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. After seeing it on blogs and listening to people say it is so easy to use I had to try it! I decided my first project would be something small just in case I was a total spaz so I re-did our night stands. I ended up using pure white with clear wax--- the night stands were stained black and had a shiny finish (yuck) so I was so glad I didn't have to sand them down first- aahhhhmazing!

I painted one coat, let it dry over night, painted another coat, let it dry over night and then sanded all the edges and roughed it up and then sealed it with the clear wax. I'm super happy with how they turned out. It was so easy. My next project will be an old dining room table that we're gonna use outside in our back yard! Problem is it's 100 degrees out so I def don't feel like painting it right now.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Recent Photos

 June 8th was my momma's birthday! We went to an italian place and then come over to our place and had chocolate cake and coffee! It was so good...ahhh...

Add caption

The next morning I had a bridal shower to attend for Abby, the one in the white dress in the middle. She is great! She is marrying one of Bret's friends from childhood in Utah on Aug. 4th! Can NOT wait for their wedding at the St. Regis in Deer Valley! It will be so fun to be with everyone for a weekend!

After the girls shower, Keith's parents had all over for a BBQ. As usual, the boy played some game and the girls talked, and later it turned into a dance party  :)

My brother Jeff is flying in today!!! So excited to spend time with him and then my parents are moving into their new house tomorrow!!! They've been sleeping there for a few days but we are unloading the storage unit tomorrow! 

Monday, June 18, 2012


1. Happy Father's Day to my wonderful dad!! We actually haven't celebrated with him yet because he had to work and my brother Jeff is coming to Denver on Wednesday. But... Dad I love you more than you know. I get my stubbornness, my loyalty, most of my attitude and a bit of grumpiness from him :) and I love it! He is the most giving, most hard working and least selfish person I've ever known in my life. He and mom have really taught us kids what unconditional love is. Plus, he is super witty and always makes me laugh!!  I am so lucky to have him!

Christmas 2004- almost 8 yrs ago..making fun of my scarf! haha

4th of July 2009

walking down the aisle in 2010!!
making my cry... but a happy sweet cry!
then he got my laughing!

Working on the house with Bret

On a Hike in 2011

Last Summer

On a walk around Wash park

2. I bought the cutest hat at forever 21 last week! I haven't worn it yet but I'm dying too. Ignore my janky-ness/ I've been baking all day and don't have any makeup on...

3. I also bought a couple of maxis dress because it's balls hot here... seriosuly... its 97 today. I HATE THE HEAT!!! I thought I moved to Denver, not Palm Desert? ugh! and I got two cute short dresses for weddings/cocktail party things we've got this summer.... I always buy black... can't help it. I always feel better in it. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Bachelorette

Alright I finally got caught up on this season of The Bachelorette. I go in stages where I love watching it and I hate watching it. I did NOT watch the last two seasons... Ben and Ashley...they did not interest me...actually, Ashley was realllly annoying.

But I am watching Emily! 

Here's my two cents:

Arie- I didn't love him at first, but now I do! I think they have the strongest connection at this point... she seems happy and giddy around him... and I like that he is pretty chill and stays outta the drama. 

 Doug- he is soooo annoying. The way he talks... ugh.. he just seems like he is trying WAY to hard. Not impressed. I"m sure he's a nice guy, but yuck. 

Jef- um, with one "f"? I actually like him, just not for Emily. In watching them interact I just don't see it, but over all I like him. 
Ryan- Such a douche bag! Seriously... so full of himself- yuck. How can she stomach him?

 Sean- awww... he seems sweet. I don't know how into him she really is so far, but he doesn't bug me, he just seems like a dude. 

Kalon- OMG, this guy is a jackass... seriously... a huge jerk! So glad she sent him home. The way he spoke to everyone was ridiculous. He was so rude!

Can't wait to see what happens. My guess is she ends up getting engaged but never married outta this, just like everyone else on these shows. I wish her luck though!!

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Memorial Day Weekend 2012 was spent in Prescott, AZ with one of my besties NESSA and her hubby Cody! It was so nice and relaxing, we brought the dogs and hung was nice! Here is our trip in pictures:

the boys played golf

we went to happy hour

it was freezing and windy one day... 

the club had a Doggy Derby!!!

Bret gave Bax a practice run!

Getting bax ready at the starting line....

he made it to the championship heat, but then his opponent attacked him! So Bax won by default. We were still proud!

dinner time

s'mores made with reese's!!!

8am dog hike to the petrogylphs

happy hour

we golfed too! Although i look like a lesbian golfer- ugh